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A Look Inside....

Bringing the  Outside  Inside

Hi! I'm Bethany, the owner of Way Outside Studios. I have always found myself thinking "way outside" the box when creating so I thought it was a fitting name for my shop--not to mention, all of my handmade products are inspired by the outdoors.  Whether it's a glimpse of an avocado magnet on your fridge that has you recall the healing properties in natural foods or a Bee Car Diffuser (Coming Soon!) hanging from your rear view mirror that has you think of how all of God's Creations work in harmony, my hope is that my art reminds you of the glory of nature. 

Picture of work station in art studio
Photo of the artist, Bethany

Meet the Artist

My name is Bethany, the artist behind the scenes here. A few creative outlets I enjoy other than sculpting are painting, writing, and furniture-flipping. I love the thrill of scoring a great find thrifting (and I admittedly go on the occasional dumpster dive). Not a day goes by where I don't think about iced coffee or sushi. My cat, Colby Jack, insists on being my assistant (let's be honest, he runs the show) and is always close by when I'm in my studio and need my lap warmed.

Photo of Thailand

Meet the Motivation

I began Way Outside Studios in 2017 and have been featured in 10 retail stores. While there have been ups and downs, seeing my brand develop and forming new connections with customers has been so rewarding! One day, I hope to have a storefront that is an avenue for other artists to sell their crafts. I also wish for the chance to help survivors of abuse and to do mission work in Thailand! I know that as long as I give God the glory, it will happen!  

Photo of colorful raw clay

Meet the Medium

Polymer clay is the primary medium I use to create my products. It's durable, lightweight, and so simple to cure--you bake it for about an hour and ta-dah! You can also mix your own custom colors, paint it--the possibilities are endless. 

In the future, I would love to get into pottery to expand my shop. 

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