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I get you miss your favorite feline when you’re out of the house (I miss mine, too)—that’s why I created this adorable cat car buddy, perfect for hanging on a car mirror for when you run your errands. 

These cool cats are made to order–so please keep in mind, there may be some variation as it is a handmade item. That just means your kitty will have all the more personality (which I’m sure your IRL pet has plenty of, too). 


I can’t wait to custom paint your cat—purrrr-sonalize, if you will. Please read the following steps: 

Custom Process: 
1.    Place order
2.    Send an email asap to and attach at least 3 clear photos of your cat; for the paint job to be as accurate as possible, include a close-up of their face, a shot of their tummy, and a shot of their back. The more photos, the better for accuracy (plus I just like to look at pictures of kitties) 
3.    Please note, I set the listing for shipment for this custom product as 2-4 weeks—this gives a buffer for communication but I typically get items out quickly 
4.    Please note, the customization for this listing is for the paint job. If you would like anything additional sculpted, please send me an email prior to ordering as there may be an additional cost. 
5.    If anything is unclear (the coloring in a photo, for example) and I reach out for clarification, please respond so that I can finish your product for you in a timely manner
6.    Once I am finished with the paint job, I will send photos to ensure you are happy with the customizations. If you do not respond within 3 days, I will take this as confirmation and ship the product to ensure I am being timely. 


If you have any questions, please reach out (or we can just talk about our cats. That’s always cool too)!

Custom Cat Car Buddy

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